At Last!


Much has happened within Ukraine with the turn of the new year, and now, more than ever, we want to remind people of the beauty of daily life within Ukraine. So, with that, I’m happy to announce that entries for ADITLOU 4 (where participants wrote about ordinary and not-so-ordinary experiences on December 1, 2013) are finally posted!

We received some amazing entries this time around. For those of you who participated, we can’t thank you enough! Your electronic certificates will be coming to you via email very soon.

Make sure to check out these latest entries under the ADITLOU 4 tab above, and let us know what you think.

In other news, the former leader of this project, Logan Brennan, recently closed his service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Melitopol, Ukraine, and has returned home to the United States. We are so appreciative of all of the work that he put forth with this project, and we wish him the best with his transition back to life in the US.

With that said, we’re looking for new Peace Corps Volunteers who want to help make this project grow. If you’re a PCV interested in working with ADITLOU in the future, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

Happy reading–

Hannah Flanery


ADITLOU 2013: One Week Until our Date! Help us Spread the Word

Hello Ukraine,

We are one week away from ADITLOU 2013. On December 1st, people all over the country will be enjoying the first day of winter. And we want to hear from you. Whether your day is great, boring, sad, or happy, help us show everyone what a normal day in Ukraine looks like by writing about it.

Also, tell your friends about the event. EVERYONE in Ukraine is invited to participate in this project. Teachers: assign ADITLOU as a homework assignment. Get your colleagues involved and also don’t forget that YOU can also participate! Students, get your friends to write to us as well. ADITLOU is great English practice because we do not give you marks and we do not worry too much about grammar. We just want to understand your ideas.

So, join us on the first day of winter and we can all welcome it together!



A Day in the Life of Ukraine 4! December, 1st, 2013

Hello Ukraine!

Please join us for A Day in the Life of Ukraine 4. This year we will write about our days on Sunday, December 1st. The first day of winter will be a time of reflection, maybe a look into the future, possible a lazy Sunday. Whatever your day will look like on December 1st, we want to hear about it in your writing.

For an idea of what ADITLOU is all about, please visit our previous pages. Check back soon for more information on this year’s event. We have new ways for you to share your day this year and we think you will enjoy it! Please contact us with any questions you might have.


Logan Brennan


Give thanks for… ADITLOU3!

So, big excitement–

It’s Thanksgiving, and one great reason to be thankful is when people come together and share their stories. Sharing helps us to learn and to think about things from new perspectives. We live in a world rich with diversity, but this doesn’t always mean that global citizens value each others’ cultures and experiences.

A Day in the Life of Ukraine is one small project helping to build that understanding. When we recognize the value and importance of our experiences, we can reach out and share them with others. The way we represent ourselves, through our words and actions– not the way pop culture, media conglomerates, or political parties might want to represent us– this is truly a powerful responsibility.

Today, be thankful that you have the opportunity to read about the experiences of 120 people who were in Ukraine on November 1, 2012. If you are one of those people, kudos to you for stepping forward and sharing your story. If not, maybe next time will be your turn to step forward and share with the world one small piece of your story, offering one more piece toward a greater understanding of what it means to live in Ukraine today.

Personally, I am truly thankful for those Peace Corps Volunteers who are carrying on this project, Andrew and Logan, and for the many hours they have put in both sustaining and improving it. (Plus, as an excellent bonus, you can read about their days, too! Andrew’s in Rivne and Logan’s in Melitopol!)

Read all about it HERE! Happy Thanksgiving!


A new Day…?!

Greetings, friends!


As many of you may know, I’m (Melissa!) back in the US now, but the project A Day in the Life of Ukraine is continuing on! Thanks to the work of Peace Corps Ukraine Volunteers Andrew and Logan and the support of our friends and colleagues, the word of our project has spread, and submissions for ADITLOU3 are underway.

Just like in projects one and two, participation is simple. All you have to do to take part is write about what happened to you on one specific day– in this case, November 1, 2012. Then, copy and paste your entry into an email and send it to

The deadline is coming up… soon. If you’ve been following along elsewhere, you already know that entries are due on November 8!

Yes, you’re right– I DO wish that I could participate! Encouraging others means leading by example, but I don’t live in Ukraine right now! So, I decided to share my Day in the Life of the US of A with you on my own personal blog. It just seemed fair! (If you’re in the US, too, you’re welcome to share your day as a response on that blog entry!)

Looking forward to reading from you soon!


Happy Day!

Today’s the Day! Whether you’re picking dandelions, unpacking summer clothes, planting potatoes, or drinking tea with friends, make it an ordinary/ extraordinary day, and then tell us all about it! Entries will be accepted through May 12, so you have a week to put it all down in words. For now, though, celebrate and enjoy! πŸ™‚


Breaking news!

Greetings! As the snow is [mostly] finished and the world is turning greener, it’s time to celebrate! You are cordially invited to continue our project with us by recognizing A Day in the Life of Ukraine on May 5! On 5-5, take time to note the usual and unusual in your day, then share it with us! Details will follow, but the date is set! Mark your calendar for 5-5 and join us in celebrating a spring Day in the Life of Ukraine. πŸ™‚



Good evening! In an effort to stay on the unexpected do-everything-on-a-holiday schedule we’ve ended up with, I wanted to share this map with you tonight! Here, you’ll see all of the authors whose works were selected to represent A Day in the Life of Ukraine!

Remember, close to 200 works were received, and many very fine pieces of writing were not selected. Those works that were selected have been edited, and any incorrect corrections should be sent to my attention. Thanks!

Pieces can now be read by following the cascading menus on the READ HERE! page as well as by clicking the links on the map below. Improved navigation on this site is the next step! πŸ™‚