Nelya Sugak, 12

The thirteenth of December was a usual working day. As usual I got up at 7:25. I didn’t want to get up because it was another working day. Then I went to the bathroom and washed my face and cleaned my teeth. I like to look neat and clean always. After that I got dressed. I had five spare minutes and I wanted to play with my pet- my doggy. My doggy Buba is two and she is very playful. Then it was time to go school. When I came to school I met my friends. I was happy. I love my friends very much. I think Tuesday is the most difficult day of the week. We always have six lessons on Tuesday. When the lessons were over I went home. My mum was at home because she was ill. I ate lunch and played with my Buba again. It was 4:00 when I sat down to do my homework. Later at 5:25 I went to my dancing class. At 8 my father brought me home. At 10 I went to bed because I got very tired.


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