Nastia, Radomyshl

A Day In the Life of Ukraine

I’m just sitting on the lesson right now. That means a half of the day has ended. I can say today is not a special day. On the first lessons I was sleepy and didn’t understand what happened. But I had to remember the information on our extra algebra class at 8 a.m. Can you imagine this situation? All pupils have just woken up and with sleepy eyes try to study. All of us were moving slowly like we worked hard. Our teacher is always active and can teach us even at midnight. When the class ended our heads were full of new information and we were trying not to make porridge with this information, to mix it in our heads.

Other lessons were boring as usual. But it’s the end of the semester and we must study hard to get good marks. Do you think we worry about our marks? We always think about food. Especially on the last lessons, we really want to eat! We dream about the moment we go home and have a tasty dinner.

I’m thinking now about playing volleyball. Today I have its training. In few days I’ll have a competition. So our volleyball team must train these days and take a good place in this competition.  You know it’s so pleasant for your body to do some exercises after sitting around 8 hours at school. It’s very useful.

Our volleyball team consists of 8 girls. It’s a new one. Two years ago we had another volleyball team. I was one of its players but not a main one. During these years I trained and now I’m a main player of our volleyball team of Radomyshl (our town). The atmosphere of competition is very nervous. It happens when girls quarrel with each other because something goes in a wrong way. It’s too bad.  We should keep a friendly atmosphere to achieve a good result.

As usual my training takes 1 hour. After it I am exhausted. When I come home my father and mother are back from their jobs. Everyone is busy with his own things. What about me? I do my homework. My body is tired. Its condition is misunderstanding. Only brains are working now. I hate when I am distracted by something from my homework. In this way it takes me lots of time to make everything in the right way. When my homework is done I feel myself free. That means I can relax after a hard day. I don’t worry about anything.

It is a great happiness when I go to bed. It takes only few minutes to fall asleep. I have so much time to sleep! But on the next morning I feel that it is too little time to have a good rest.  I go sleepy again at school. Partly the story is repeated.



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