Andrew Grinco, Radomyshl

Today was just a usual day. Nothing special happened. I woke up, did my morning things and went to my math lesson. That made me feel not so happy, because 45 minutes of constant math is too much for my unprotected brain. And I still had seven usual lessons ahead. Fortunately, those were mostly non-scientific ones, like English, Ukrainian and German. On the other hand, our class had to write some tests, but those went well for me. After writing a composition about Sweden in German, I had fun with my friends at the lesson of Ukrainian. Some woman from a bank visited us and offered to take a loan and buy a notebook, but nobody seemed to rush to the shop. So she just went to the other class with the same proposition. I guess it was a routine job for her, so she wasn’t disappointed with our apathy. After that I went to check if some juniors were making noise in the corridors. That was my job as I was on duty today. Usually those brainless kids piss me off, but it went ok today. Perhaps, they guessed my mood. So, I’m writing this on the one of my last lessons. There’s still “Protection of the Motherland” left. The teacher is a real man, if you know what I mean. He’s kind of a tough guy all covered in hair. He’s a strong man, so he can make you shut up, if you forget where your place is. Actually, that is not as scary as it sounds. So, after this lesson I’ll be done today. Well, almost. Everyday I’m studying additionally at home, because I have to prepare for my ZNO tests. Those are very important, because their results will determine if I will enter the university or not. When I’m done with these preparations today, I’ll probably watch some episodes of House M.D. on the net. Usually, I go to bed at 12 a.m., so there’s a lot of free time left. May be, I’ll listen to that new album of AC/DC which I downloaded yesterday. That’ll be great, I love their music. So, that’s it – my usual day looks like this.


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