Vadim, Lutsk

It was the 13th of December. Do you think it was the same as any other day in my life?


I don’t believe in such stereotyped idea that every day in our life is the same, even if you do the same things every day (e.g. work, study) Every day people have something different in their minds, some ideas, etc.


And every idea can change our life, even if it is insignificant (you can think so, but somebody else not). And if you implement it, it can become the most important in your life. You should enjoy every day of your life.


So, now about the 13th of December. I had a training in the swimming pool that day. It was extremely difficult to get up early in the morning, but I did it. The training was also good. After training I had many things to do. December is the last month in the semester, so students have many things to do (sometimes too much:)))) ). And I decided to improve my English and German, so I should work hard every day. The 13th of December was not an exception. I’ve learnt some new English words (insanely, validate, suffice, envy) and have written a composition for the English line. I think that the 13th of December was a successful day. I hope for you it was successful, too.


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