Ivan K., Lutsk


I woke up and I went to class.

I usually don’t go to classes, but I decided that today I would go to classes because today’s classes would be fantastic, the best classes in a month.

It was the 13th of December, Saint Andrew’s Day, so I congratulated my best friend Andrew with this day. We were together in classes. Actually I live with him, and today he said that we would have a lot of beer and vodka. You know, I remember what happened in that day.

I had my first zalik, like exams, and I had 90 points of 100, so it was a good idea to celebrate.

I came home and then I saw a super event. A super-duper girl added me to her friend list. We will not tell her name. Actually, she made half of my day.

And then we had a party. Andrew’s best friends came to our apartment and we drank vodka and ate buckwheat with salo.

So I was only thinking about one thing: I was thinking about you and how to connect with you.

Then we cleaned our kitchen and I wrote to you and hoped to get a response. Then I got it. We had a conversation which was top secret. Actually, it made my night.

I went to sleep with a clear mind, a beautiful mind.


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