Liuda, 19, Kivertsi

Day by day our lives go on. And you may say that your day is rather usual and boring. But is it so? To my mind each day teaches as a lesson. It could be a very small and even unnoticeable or a bigger one. But anyway every experience may help you one day. So here is a story about my ordinary Tuesday.

As a rule it started at 6.30 am with the sharp and annoying sound of my alarm clock. I opened my eyes and probably woke up as well. Then I felt a smell of toast which my mom had made for me. I quickly forgot about my irritation, got up and ran to the kitchen. Oh yes, a cup of tea and breakfast made me feel much better. Then I packed my bag and got dressed. I needed to be in a hurry already but I had a strong intention to enjoy every moment of that day. It wasn’t easy. First of all it rained. It was that kind of drizzle that touched every bone of my body. And one more unpleasant thing: the roads were covered with mud so my shoes became dirty. To crown it all a new catchy Lady Gaga song was infinitely repeated in my head. But I met my boyfriend at the corner of the streets and we went to university together. Of course the bus was overcrowded but we were lucky to take our seats while other people stood in the most incredible poses that even circus performers couldn’t imagine. Sound cruel but as it’s said life is a struggle.

My first class was English. We were introduced to a new student-teacher who would teach us during December. As our regular teacher was rather severe her presence promised us a little rest next month. She was very shy. It was funny to observe how it worked. It was like a mirror. Her uncertainty reflected in our behavior, so my group mates and I were quiet and timid.  The next class was French. There the mirror worked in the opposite way. Our teacher taught us nothing so we behaved as boiled rags.

After classes I bought a kilo of bananas. I wanted to bake pancakes for my brother. I supposed him to come back from Germany after a three-week absence. The pancakes were a failure. And the day seemed to be a failure as well. My brother came to Ukraine and instead of going home he went to his girlfriend. He spent the whole afternoon with her and came home only in the evening. I was upset because of my French and extremely angry with him. But when I finally saw him I understood how much I love him. I had missed him terribly. He was tired but so kind and happy to be at home. Suddenly I had a strange feeling of being satisfied with my life. I simply understood how much my family meant for me. They are like strong walls that protect me from all troubles and don’t let my world fall apart.  So I made some consequences. Despite all disappointments in my life I should appreciate each nice minute that I spend with them.

So I don’t think that that Tuesday was ordinary. As any other day of my life it gave me a lot of information to think it over. And what I like the most about it, I felt a lot of things, bad and good ones. And I think I live till I feel.


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  1. Thank you for your commentary on Tuesday,they say that nothing ever happens on a Tuesday,it’s the dullest night on the television,there’s never anyone interesting at the bar,business is slow and everyone stays at home added to that it’s probably grey with drizzle just like you say.

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