Sophia Shmyhlyk, 9th form, Zalishchyky

Every day is the same, boring and even irritating sometimes. But it is good if you wake up in the morning and smile to yourself and say: “Life is beautiful and I must enjoy it as it is too short!” So, yesterday I was studying all night. I slept only for several hours, but I woke up and was happy. My father cooked breakfast for me. It was a sandwich with butter and caviar. I drank a cup of tea with a slice of lemon and yogurt. My father drove me to school. I had lessons and tried to be attentive. I know that there are very many bad things in the school but I must study to get only good things and not worry too much about failures because when we have them it means that we will have achievements soon. (Although, I don’t think our life looks like a zebra!). I am at the English class and I am happy that I can express my opinion. I am pessimistic but I try to find positive aspects in everything today. After the lessons, my friends and I will take part in the Eurocompetition. I hope that we will win and go to Berlin in the spring. Then I’ll go to the music school and will play the saxophone. I like this very much! I have my birthday soon and I expect some presents. So I believe that my life is beautiful and I want to thank God for this!


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