Nastja Pokna, 7th form, Zalishchyky

I like all days.  But my favorite day is Tuesday.  On Tuesday I usually wake up at seven o’clock, because our school begins at eight.  I’m not hungry in the morning, so I eat only one sandwich and drink a cup of tea.  At half past seven I walk to school.  On Tuesday we have seven lessons: Math, Ukrainian, English, Biology, History, Sport, and Geography.  We have lunch after third lesson.  Every day we eat something different.  After school on Tuesday I have dancing.  After dancing I go home at five o’clock.  When I come home I eat my dinner.  My mum usually cooks something tasty.  For example: pizza, chocolate cake, borscht, or holubtsi.  After dinner I have to do my homework.  After that I can do what I like.  For example: I can watch TV or play computer games.  I like to watch cartoons and films on TV.  My favorite cartoon is Vinny Puh (Winnie the Pooh).  In the evening I can go for a walk with my friends.  We also like to go to the disco.  We can walk in the park or go the centre.  When I come home I can read my favorite book “Harry Potter.”  It’s really interesting.  Then I go to bed at eleven o’clock.


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