Natalia Matkivska, Monastyryska

My 13th December

Life…It isn’t  a gray piece of paper…It is painted by ourselves and thanks to our feelings, emotions, dreams and wishes we always draw it with all the rainbow’s colors. I try to save some special moments of my life and I write about them in my diary. Every second of our life is unique and we can’t lose it! I try to describe only one moment of my life, only one day which will never be repeated.



I got up 20 minutes before. First it came to my mind that today is the 13th of December! I rushed out from my bed to consult my horoscope. It was awful. A bad anticipation appeared somewhere inside me, somewhere in my soul. I looked through the window… It’s winter now and this season is always full of magic, when you are stay at home with a cup of hot tasty coffee and warm woolen socks on your feet, the winter looks awesome! But I adore winter with pleasant feelings that holidays will visit me in due course.



While walking to school I was admiring snowflakes from the sky. Adults usually say that the snow is a lot of drops of frozen water, but children know better! My younger sister, for example, used to say that the snow is a lot of small stars with a charming taste of the New Year. And these stars are circling in a white dance. I agree with her. A genuine happiness falls to the ground together with the snow. And you feel as if you are a snow maiden. “Nothing bad happened with me yet” – I thought.



At school during the break a little boy came up to me and gave me and my friend some tangerines. He said that having eaten them we advanced the New Year 5 minutes. Sounds great! I became luckier when I got excellent marks, I had a good time with my friends but nothing bad happened with me at school.



I came back home. While walking along the streets I understood that my tiny town turned into a fairyland, where everybody is friendly and happy here. I’m not an exception. J



Now I try to sum up my day. Nothing bad happened! I understood that you are the creator of your destiny. The pages of our life don’t depend on bad numbers, fearful horoscopes or something like that. Your happiness only depends on you! Only you can choose how to spend your time: to fear everything or to enjoy every moment of your life. In winter you can start your life from the clean sheet. Now it comes to you that everything in the world was created by God with white tones! You have a good opportunity, try not to lose it! A clock announced to me that a new day came. I met this start with a big smile on my face. J I started a new day, a new page of my life with nice feelings.



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