Tanya Kavchuk, Chortkiv

All our life consists of different moments: some of them are really awesome while others are not so pleasant. Our life is a zebra and has both white and black stripes. Without these moments it would be sad and not interesting to live in the world.


Talking about myself I should mention that every day in my life is full of emotions, feelings and moments. Here is a page from my life. Tuesday was coming to the end when my mum asked me to go to the shop to buy some butter. When I was coming back home thousands of stars were shining in the darkness. Shops were decorated with coloured lights. Cars were passing me. Everyone was preparing for winter holidays. Suddenly, when I was going along in the street I noticed a dark figure with huge eyes. It was a girl and she was staring at me. She was wearing a nice dress and I could smell her expensive perfume. I had a feeling that I had seen her before. “Who’s that?” – the question appeared in my mind. “Hi” – the figure said to me. Her voice was so pleasant and familiar to me. In that moment I was sure that I definitely knew her. A moment later a big smile appeared on my face, and on her face also. The figure wasn’t a stranger, it was my old good friend and I hadn’t seen her for a long time. We were very surprised when we recognized each other. My dear friend and I had a lot to speak about. I missed her a lot when she was studying in Ternopil.


It was such a precious moment and I’m very happy that I met her that night. All is good what is happening unexpectedly. I wish everyone to have only pleasant moments in life. Just stay positive and keep smiling.


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