Olena Derzhak, Chortkiv

Tuesday morning…maybe for other people it was one of a thousand boring mornings, but for me it was special. Not just because I like Tuesdays because of its little number of lessons. Something special was in its spirit and all this was expressed in skin, trees, wind, smells and other things that I felt, especially in my mood, it was wonderful.


So, I started to dress and went to the Teacher’s Training College. My way was not so long, but something interesting happened to me. When I was going to cross the street on the red light of the traffic-light, cause I was in a hurry, I saw a little brown dog with curious eyes, who started to bark at me. I smiled and stopped. It was a great surprise for me when the green light switched and that funny dog waved its tail and ran across the street. So I followed him with a thought that animals probably have minds and maybe have souls.


From that moment, my relation to animals has changed, I think maybe they understand us, but couldn’t talk. We must learn how to listen to them. And all that I exactly know is that they are more careful, helpful, and kind than people. I am thankful to the little dog, who took care of me better than other people who were on the street.



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