Natalya Maletska, Chortkiv

Dirty dishes, hands without gloves, dirty floor and girls that are almost dying because of hard work. It is our cafeteria.


It was a normal school day. I was going to our cafeteria with my friend Anna, because our friend Katya was on duty there today and we decided to visit her. I know that it’s not ideally clean there, but the things that I saw shocked me. I saw dirt all around, I heard that my classmates were already very tired and it was only after one hour of their duty, and I couldn’t imagine what would be next. I smelled different odours that were awful!! I felt dizzy.


After these horrible things that I saw, I wanted to go away faster, so Anna bought an apple for a snack and we went to our next lessons. It is a pity that we have such a dirty cafeteria, but I know that the workers aren’t guilty for that, because they are cooking tasty dishes for us and it is very hard and maybe impossible to keep everything clean there all the time.


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