Iryna Tityk, Chortkiv

Today is a usual day, not unusual; Tuesday, the 13th of December 2011. I woke up at 7:30, brushed my teeth, washed my face, got dressed and went to the Teacher’s Training School, where I study. The first lessons were bad because I wanted to sleep, on the third lesson I started to work with my brain.


On the fourth and fifth lessons I had some free time and went to the canteen. In the canteen I drank tea without sugar, because in our canteen we have a choice between tea with lot of sugar or without it. I preferred tea without sugar. I sat and chatted, listened to music and spoke with my group-mates, we were in a good mood and we told some jokes.


After that I went to the English lessons. The first lesson was crazy, because we had a stupid test and dictation. Now I have the second lesson of English and I am writing this composition. I am very hungry – I wanna go to the hostel but I have some plans.


I think, today is a usual day, with no special moments. I am normal. The weather is cloudy. But now, I think that I should change something in my life, to give some colors, because my everyday life is like the weather today – cloudy and when I am analyzing what I have done today? Nothing.  Nothing special. I cannot analyze my good or bad events. What good things have I done today? Nothing. I should change something in my life.


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