Veronika Shportko, 15, Rivne

I got up at 7:50. My clock broke and instead of waking up at 7 o’clock, I woke up 50 minutes later. On realizing that I overslept, I began to panic. To tell the truth, it was the worst nightmare in my life. I ran around the apartment as if scalded. On the run I made my bed, washed, removed curlers, brushed my hair, dressed, did make-up and drank a cup of coffee. Then I remembered that my bag wasn’t composed. So I ran to it and left there different school supplies. After that I grabbed my sister and we moved to school. Personally I will never forget this morning.

First, I had two lessons of English. We wrote 2 control works and then handed a song of Beatles: “Help”. After this we had two lessons of Maths. I adore Maths and this is my favorite subject at school. I wrote control work perfectly and my mood improved. Lesson №5 was World literature. I read the book “Oliver Twist”, so I knew all answers to questions. But I forgot my exercise book at home so I couldn’t pass the control story. Lesson №6 was Ukrainian language. We discussed the work of Ivan Franko “Moses”. I hate Ukrainian works, that’s why I was sitting and thinking: “OK…only 10 minutes to the end…9,5 minutes…9 minutes…8,5 minutes…”  Lessons №7,8 were German. I failed the test but I wasn’t sad. Why? Ha-ha-ha… Because on Tuesday I would have the German Olympiad.

At 4:30 I came home and in some minutes ran to the tutor of Ukrainian. My laziness thought: “Oh, my God, I want to sleep” but my brains said: “You should learn, learn and learn”. At 6 o’clock I crawled home, had a supper that consisted of a cup of tea, sandwich and persimmon. From 7 to 8 I had some rest (if surfing the net can be a rest). At 8:15 I began preparing for the Olympiad (I prepared for it for 2 weeks and yesterday only repeated all texts). At 00:00 I descend in shower and went to bed. I was really tired and exhausted but I supposed that this day had been saturated and rich in meetings with interesting people.

I have depicted my normal day and suppose that I’m a lucky dog because I have an opportunity to hold it that way as described above.



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