Sophia Putilina, 16, Rivne


Late at night, when I`m in bed, I often recollect the day that has faded so fast and flown into a dark velvet night. It`s so peaceful and quiet that the thoughts are getting lazier and I`m swaying in the cradle trying to figure out: Was the day lived to its full? Were we noble? or selfish? Probably indifferent to the others? Was it a success or failure? Life is tough sometimes and I often feel lost in a storm ocean of events, feelings, actions and people around me.

Sometimes the days are bright, sometimes colourless, sometimes dark or grey. Yesterday it was a whirlpool, a kaleidoscope of emotions! Living it was like riding on a roller coaster through the multi-coloured patches of events. Rather hectic, I should say.

I had to write several important tests at school. I knew I had to concentrate and do my best and guess what! I did it (but was a bit scornful first).Then there was a fair where my schoolmates brought cookies, biscuits, pies, cakes and were selling their home-made dishes trying to raise some money to help kids from our local orphanage. We always collect toys, sweets, clothes and all that sort of things. However, we had the fair for the first time (it was a huge success). The evening was more romantic, though. My mom and I were invited to celebrate my Godfather`s birthday. He`s Andrew and according to the Orthodox calendar we commemorate the day of St. Andrew. This country is rich in traditions and there are some special rituals including cooking varenyky with different stuffing, making three attempts to bite a kalyta (special bread in a form or a roll hanging above), trying to predict the future and some other things.

So, when I came home I was exhausted and fell asleep fast…


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