Semen Povshuk, Rivne

December 13th

That day started as usual with the shower. It is of no doubt that it is much easier to wake up with the cold water pouring on your face. After other morning procedures (brushing teeth, making a hairdo), I did my morning exercise that consisted of 35 push-outs from the ground. Later, as there was a Christian holiday of St. Andrew, I gave my congratulations to my father, who, by the way, has already been being awake for an hour. I wished him strong health and long happy life. After that I had my poor breakfast, dressed myself quickly and headed to school without glancing in the mirror. I was almost late (as always) when I finally entered the class after an exhausting run. The day at school was a daily routine and I do not think that I have to mention any events of this part of the day. I can only say that school is not the best place for having a marvelous day. I returned home when it was already getting dark. A small surprise had been waiting for me at home. I found out that my father’s friends were going to visit us in the evening. So, I had to change my plans cardinally. Dad asked me to go to the supermarket and to buy something for the party. After that, I went to the post office to pay the bills. To put it briefly, that was a busy evening and I finally took my coat off at six o’clock. After that I did my lessons rapidly and at 8 o’clock in the evening I was absolutely free, meeting the guests. The party was wonderful. There were a lot of delicious dishes, including the traditional for this day “varenyki”. Father’s friends left about half eleven in spite of the fact that we still didn’t want to let them. Shortly after that, I had a bath and went to bed. That was a fantastic start of winter holidays period.


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