Oleksandr Pukas, 16, Rivne

One Day of My Life

Here is my story about one of the days which is ordinary from one point of view and unusual from another one. Though I try to value each minute of each day, as life is given to me as a present and I understand it quite well, even an ordinary day brings excitement and joy. The 13th of December differs from the other days of the calendar as it is St. Andrew’s day and there are some traditions which we, Ukrainians, try to keep.

I started this day as usual: getting up, going to school, having classes. What was unusual on that day? There was a Charity fair at school, where pupils raised money to help orphanages. It made it special because we felt proud of ourselves as we were able to make a difference and give a helping hand to those who need it.  I know exactly that if each person contributes a little bit to the social life and is not indifferent to the problems of others, the world will be a better place to live.

Although I had 7 lessons as usual and got some useful advice from my English teacher on how to improve my language skills which I felt was valuable, the Charity Fair was on top of the most important events.

As December 13 is a traditional Christian holiday which is definitely one of the favorite holidays among people in Ukraine, you will ask me how I celebrated it.

I can’t but mention that we have got a nice tradition in our family to have a family dinner with a traditional dish which is called “varenyky” and is always prepared for this holiday. It would be just a family dinner if we hadn’t made them together with surprises inside: a coin which meant that a person who took it would become wealthy in future, a piece of carrot which had to bring health to its holder, a peanut to bring good luck, pepper to make someone of the family stronger to overcome all hardships. I was happy to choose the “varenyk” with a peanut inside.

We remember all the traditions of Ukrainians and everyone tries to find something new to share with others. That day was not an exception. My parents, my younger brother and I sat at a holiday table enjoying a traditional meal, talking and discussing the latest news of the day. Then I started to prepare for the next day at school doing my homework. I had a lot of work to do in spite of the holiday. Actually, it looked like a normal evening as I am an 11th grader and very soon I will leave school. I’m responsible and have to do homework properly to get high marks and get ready for entering university. The 13th of December was just a day but it left pleasant reminiscences in my memory.


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