Oleksandr O., 16, Rivne

Fade in

So I woke up. You may say that it is not quite a big deal, but if you actually do say that, be ready to encounter a stream of disagreement coming from me. First of all, it is quite hugely a big deal, as a matter of fact. Second of all it is Tuesday, the 13th of December, the day after December 12th and just before December 14th. Doesn’t impress you? But what if I say that this very day is crucial not for me, but also for you my dear reader? Crucial in the fact that it is unique and never going to happen again. Once this day is over, you will never have a chance to change it. That is why today is a big deal.

Morning, apartment

And now back to a good part! So I woke up… Quite usually by the way. 7:30 on my watch, and understanding that it is time to pick up my feet and other parts of my body which I will skip for several editorial reasons, didn’t make any difference. I was fighting with the waves of sleep and luring warmness of the bed along with its temptation not to go to school for about another 10 minutes or so. Up till the moment when my mom could not stand it anymore, and gave me a some kind of cold shower-like mental and partly verbal—let’s just say “blessing”. I knew it was time. Shower, food, a cup of coffee and another 8-o’clock news report did their best.  I was on my feet ready for almost anything, dragons, ninjas, evil corporations and even super-villains but school, homework and other things of that particular kind made my strong, morning will to tremble like a… whatever trembles a lot.

Morning, school

I put a key into the keyhole and with a slight push opened the apartment door. And the very same moment I stepped out of my home, my face and specifically my nose was hit by a strong odor of cigarette smoke mixed with the smell of breakfasts being cooked and some rubbish not being thrown away. Right away I knew that this morning probably was not going to surprise me with its originality.

The weather outside was alright, certainly not charming or inspiring, though. Dull, grey sky, bitter cold wind, wet patches on the sidewalks and people wearing rather unhappy winter clothes, all piled up to make the experience somewhat depressing. But don’t get me wrong other than that I was incredibly cheerful as it was one of my favourite days of the week.

Several minutes and I was there, at the Mecca for every under-18-year-old kid in the world – majestic and all-mighty school. I walked in the building and right away got a handful of positive energy. Three of my best friends and my girlfriend were waiting for me. Let’s skip the hug and kiss part and go right to the first remarkable thing I did. I was in charge of keeping imposers away and helping little kids get to their little classrooms for their little classes. I was a gatekeeper. Sounds cool, right? Not so much, after 20 minutes of this work I got bored and went to my classes.

Afternoon, school

Classes were quite irrelevant, to be honest, at least I found out how crude oil is turned into petrol, but still I didn’t find the answer to one question I had for awhile. Why do I have to study that? Anyway the clock was ticking, classes were changing each other, but no revelation was coming. The day was marvelous and interesting, thanks to my buddies, though. Classes were unremarkable in every possible way, maybe with an exception of Math and English. They were fun because I let myself make fun of others a little bit. No offense however was taken and I surely did bring something positive into my dull surroundings.

The bell of the last class rang and my head was filled with pure joy of anticipation of seeing my girlfriend, going out with friends and relaxing. I went back home…

After school

My joy really lasted for about nothing as an evil thought crawled into my mind. I had to go to the Ukrainian language tutor. No relaxation was found in sight. I came home and had a spare 40 minutes I used quite senselessly, eating mediocre food and answering texts from my friends. When the time to go to the tutor came I was struck with the feeling of complete laziness. My apartment seemed to be so cozy and warm at that time while the computer was so compelling with never-ending stream of funny videos and new messages. I fought it vigorously and won. But I was half an hour late.

It didn’t matter that much and I learned a lot of new Ukrainian language grammar rules. Still can’t get how it will help me become an international businessman,.. Whatever, I came back home and you would not believe it, I so unexpectedly decided to take a nap. (It was sarcasm. Just saying.) I did my homework in quite an imprecise way, but it counts, right? Then I ate some dinner, and went to sleep.

Finita la comedia. The end. Game over.


I understand that you, my dear reader, may ask yourself why did I describe a day which was eventless? And I will tell you, it is because this day was incredible. I woke up, I lived through it, I had shelter and food, good friends, nice family and I found a place to fall asleep. I am grateful for all of that and December 13th was remarkable as it proved that my life is worth living. So my message is – appreciate your daily routine, you may lose it one day.



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