Masha Kupchak, 16, Rivne

December 13

Everybody is thinking that every day of our life is just like another. But this is not true. Every day of our life is special. On December 13, about 20:00p.m., I went home after visiting my old friend. She is the same age like me, a pretty and friendly girl. Just when I went home the rain began. That wasn’t rain at all. Winter rain to many may seem grim, long, boring, angry. Basically the way it is: it rarely drops cold comfort on anyone, unless already some love. Yes, believe that this rain is not indifferent. We nod for his coldness, and in the meantime someone warms your heart and soul. In general, summer rain, as the autumn, cannot be assessed unambiguously… They can be very variable and even complementary. Wants summer rain – will fall, and he – in turn in the summer. We rejoice in all that is on this planet, and including any rain.


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