Kristina Stukalo, Rivne

 December 13

One day I wake up and understand that it will be the best day in my life. Usually I wake up at 07:00 am, but on December 13, I woke up at 07:40 am. I thought: “Hmm the number 13, a mystical number!!! Maybe something bad can happen with me today?!”

Then my thoughts were interrupted by my mother screaming. She said that I must go to eat. Maybe you can think that I`m a madwoman, but number 13 didn`t give me hope.

My day started not so good, but then everything was different. I stand up then make my bad and kiss my cat. I went in bathroom, there I cleaned my teeth and washed up. I came in my room and dressed. I drank my tee and ate my sandwich. It was tasty.

At 08:00 I went to school. There I got good marks and understood there is nothing to worry about number 13.

Sometimes something makes us worry, but do not miss out. You need to raise your nose and don`t think about the bad.



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