Ivan Lutskiuk, 14, Rivne

Our life can be compared with a river which always flows ahead. Today is the only day in your life. Yesterday is nothing but memories as well as tomorrow is nothing but imagination. It means that each day in life is unique and we should value and appreciate it.

December 13th, however, is not an ordinary day. It is the name day of St. Andrew, who is a significant figure in history. I love this day because usually we have some funny parties and this year was not an exception. We bite “Kalita”. Kalita is a large sweet bread, covered by honey, which was hung at the celling. Some of my classmates went to kalita one after another. We had to jump and bite a piece of kalita, trying not to laugh and we couldn’t use our hands. I managed to do it, but the faces of those who didn’t were covered with soot.

One more thing I want to tell you about this day is that we organized a special charity fair at school, where we sold home-made varenyki, rolls, buns and sweets. The money we raised was given to the disabled children. I think it is really good when you’re happy and you can give a piece of happiness to someone else.


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