Ann Protashchuk, 15, Rivne

December 13

My working day always begins early. Yesterday at seven o’clock in the morning the alarm-clock rang. I woke up. I jumped out of my bed and opened the window to air the room. I made my bad and went into the bathroom. There I turned on the water tap, washed my face and took a shower. After that I combed and brushed my hair with my comb and hair-brush. Then I dressed, I put on my jeans, golf shirt, sweater and socks. In 10 minutes I was ready for breakfast. But before my own eating I fed my cat. He didn’t know that I hadn’t got enough time and he walked to the kitchen very slowly, so I hurried him. I gave him some meat and some milk. Then I ate a sandwich and drank a cup of tea. I took my bag, said bye to my parents and went to school.

My lesson started at 8.30. I live far from school so I took a bus to go to it. I returned home at 16.30. I ate my dinner, repeated my guitar songs. After that I went to music school where I was until 19.30. I returned home at 20.00 and started doing my homework. Then I sat at my computer and started talking with my friends and with my brother. At 23.30 I went to the bathroom to wash my face and take a shower. Then I went to bed. My working day was over at about 00.00.


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