Anastasiya M., 16, Rivne

Day in the Life of Ukraine


A day in the life… It may be bad or good, lucky or unlucky, routine or unique… Holidays are usually happy, Mondays – disappointing.

December 13 was St. Andrew’s day. As every holiday it was expected to be lucky and full of great emotions. Don’t worry – it was.

But it started as any other Tuesday. Mom woke me up and I, crying “Please, just 5 minutes, I want to sleep!” had to get up and go to the bathroom. After traditional morning ceremony: shower – dressing – making bed, I had breakfast. In winter all diets are ending – we have a lot of holidays! At St. Andrews day we usually eat vareniks. For the first course were vareniks with berries. So tasty…

Dear school… Lessons start at 8:30 am, but today we had to go for the second lesson – 9:25 am. I live near the school and it is great! The first lesson – for us it was Chemistry. “Who wants to answer?” – asked the teacher. Our class quietly tried to hide under the desks. It didn’t help, but we wanted to believe in it… After Chemistry we had a control dictation in Ukrainian language. Hiding would not help – we decided, so for the dictation we all went.

After it we had two English lessons, Math lesson and Ecology. It was usual lessons and during the break we were playing a mobile phone version of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” The other interesting thing was a school fair. It was small, but funny. Everyone, who wanted, could bake pies or make vareniks and sell these all on the first floor. All earned money was sent to help ill children.

After school, which ended at 3 pm, I went home, had dinner and started to do homework. Father said that he was waiting for a very important SMS, but he was afraid it would not come. I was very happy at that time, because I had not so many home tasks and more free time. So, I said that it would come at 7:01 p.m. It was near 7 o’clock pm when my Mom, Dad and I started our dinner. Suddenly we heard the sound of an SMS. Yes, it was my father’s important SMS! It came at 7:06 pm, but I was right! So, now I’m sure that holiday is a magical time.

We were eating vareniks and looking for surprises. I found a button in my vareniks – it means I’ll get some new clothes. Maybe, it’s time to tell Mom I want a new dress? And my father found a coin, so he will have more money. And my Mom was enjoying tasty vareniks with potato and cabbage. Everybody was happy.

And I can say – it was one of the most interesting days in my life. Now I’m trying to guess: at what time will I get my New Year presents?


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