Miroslava Sirenko, teacher, Svatky

The 13th of December… St. Andrew’s day. My sonny’s name is Andrew, too. That’s why I like this holiday. So I wake up in good mood and kiss the little cheek of my sleeping son. The number 13 is a bad date for me but I hope the day will be good.

Working as a teacher in the country school, I am always in hurry. I don’t like breakfast in the morning. So I am dressed and ready to go to work. Today I have to go out earlier: I am a duty teacher and have not to miss the bus which takes pupils from neighbouring villages to ours. The driver likes joking, so I am not bored.

At last I am at school. Today I’ve got 6 lessons. Besides I have to go along the school corridors during the break and not to let pupils make noise or run there. I like my pupils and consider them to be good. The lessons come quickly.

During the day at school I communicated with teachers and pupils. It is important for me, because I consider them to be my second family.

It’s four o’clock and I go home. It soon gets dark outside. My son is a first-former. He is at home from 3 o’clock but doesn’t hurry to do his homework. After coming from school I come to the kitchen and prepare supper. My husband goes to work by 5 o’clock so he has some meal and goes to the farm. My sonny and I are left at home alone and start doing the homework. He is a clever boy but a bit lazy, so I have to prevent him from distractions to his attention.

We watch TV. As usual at 9 o’clock I take a book and we go to bed. In some time my child falls asleep. I wish him sweet dreams and go to prepare for tomorrow’s lessons. It’s 11 p.m. I am going to bed and thinking about the day I have lived.

Maybe somebody would think there isn’t anything special in my life. But to live the days in such a way means happiness for me. As a wise man said: happiness is when you want to go to work and come back home.


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