Ruslana Shamanska, English teacher, Hadiach

Tuesday, 13th of December.

00.35 Wow. My husband has already gone to bed and I am still near the computer. Tomorrow will be really hard day. Tomorrow I have to write a story about my day on the 13th of December. Hey, but it is already the 13th of December. Well, let’s begin.

First of all, let me introduce myself. I am Ruslana, a teacher of English from a little town in the central part of Ukraine. Everybody says that I am very hard-working. In fact, I am, but to my mind, I am just crazy. I am like a wheel of the water mill. I cannot stop, because water is running all the time and brings new and new ideas, new projects and new actions.

Now I am writing reference letters for two of my students. They would like to apply to the American University in Bulgaria. As usual I try to support my students and help them a lot.

1.18 Well, it’s really late. I am going to sleep. See you tomorrow. Good night.

6.45 Good morning. I have forgotten to print tests for my students, so I have to do it right now. I am a class teacher of the 8v form. There are 20 students in my class – 15 boys and 5 girls. Every Tuesday I have to conduct the “class hour”. As usual we speak about some important events in the history of our country, talk about local news, and discuss problems with behavior and other issues. Today we shall do the psychologist test about the life in our class. I have prepared questions about children’s attitude to each other. Today I have only three lessons – class hour, 11v form and my 8v form.

12.25 I have conducted the class hour and two lessons. Also I’ve checked students’ daybooks and signed them. (A daybook is something like the notebook with timetable. Students have to write school schedule for 5 days of the week, then, during the week, they have to write home tasks for each lesson. Teachers can put marks into the daybook and at the end of the week parents and class-teachers have to sign the page of the current week).

At the lesson in the 11th grade we continued to speak about letters of application. I am happy, because I have a data projector and a computer with Internet access in my English class. During last week we studied how to write the letter of application using great site Flo-Joe. We’ve read a lot of examples of letters, and we studied new words and expressions, so today we had a control work. Students had to write the formal letter to apply to the position of tourist guide of our town.

In the 8th grade we spoke about Robin Hood, created mind-map “Who was Robin Hood”, watched a small video about the museum of Robin in Nottingham and tried to read the text about him. We have begun a new topic “Books in our life” and I’ve decided to organize the “Robin Hood project”. I believe it will be successful. I hope at the end of our project we’ll create the English-Ukrainian hand-made book “Adventures of Robin Hood” with pictures. Some stories about Robin’s adventures we’ll just translate into Ukrainian, some stories will be created in English by ourselves. As we have to write four control works at the end of the semester, all of them will be about Robin and his Merry Men.

Reading – read and translate the legend about Robin. Decorate the paper with translation in the style of the Middle Ages.

Writing – create a new legend about Robin’s life in the Sherwood Forest.

Listening – listen to the story about the Merry Men.

Speaking – retell any legend about Nottingham Hero.

Besides, today we had a small meeting with the participants of my European club. They brought me their Christmas Cards for our international friends. We are participating in the IEARN project “Holiday card exchange”, so we have to prepare Christmas cards for 7 schools from different countries: USA, Australia, Taiwan, Belarus, Russia and Slovakia. We are glad, because we have already received post-cards from Taiwan. It is so exciting!!!

16.00 My friend and my colleague (her name is Lyudmila) is participating in the contest “Teacher of the Year”. This contest is held every year in different nominations. Teachers have to conduct a demo-lesson in the new school and participate in the show “I am a teacher”. There are four tasks in this show: – to introduce yourself, – to tell about methods which a teacher uses at the lessons, – to write the test about methodology and – to tell about his or her hobbies.

Today my friend has learned the topic of the lesson which she will conduct tomorrow. I think, she is lucky, because she’s chosen 6th grade and topic is “Christmas. Christmas presents”.

We begin to plan the lesson, prepare materials, think about decorations and write the lesson plan.

18.00 It is cold at school. We are going to my house to continue our preparation for the demo-lesson about Christmas. Lyudmyla’s husband drove us to my place and my husband fed us with supper. You know we even forgot that we hadn’t eaten yet. We were so busy…

21.00 Well, two men are watching TV now and communicating and two women are searching, discussing, choosing, watching, singing, typing, printing, drawing and cutting. I am sure; tomorrow will be a great lesson for the 6th formers.

23.38 Tomorrow is a very important day for my friend Lyuda, for my school and for me, of course. Tomorrow we have to show everybody, that school number 4 is the best in the town, and the best teachers work there. We have to win tomorrow!!! But now it is better to sleep… Tomorrow will be really hard day.

Every day is really hard…, if you are a teacher… but it’s worth it…

Ruslana, on the far right


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