Mary_bye, 16, Odessa

Every day when I open my eyes I run to the window and watch how beautiful the world around me is. That day the weather was rainy. The streams of water were flowing down the streets making a lot of puddles in them. Big bubbles were sailing in the puddles like small boats. Some people hate such weather but I think that such rainy days make us calmer and relaxed. The thirteenth of December was neither fantastic nor strange. It was a usual day for me. In the morning I took my umbrella and went to the sea with my dog. There was a strong wind, so there was a storm. I can spend hours watching the sea and the birds that swim in the sky. When I came home I cooked two cakes, one for my family and the second for my horse. Every Tuesday and Friday I have my horse trainings. My horse’s name is Milord. When I come to him I always bring him apples and carrot because he really likes it. But last Friday I fell from him and in our city there is a rule, if somebody falls from a horse he has to bring a cake. Milord was so happy when he saw the cake that he started ”kissing” me. After my training when my sister came home from school I helped her with her English homework and mathematics. Then I went to the cinema with my friends. We watched “Anonymous” that was directed by Roland Emmirech and written by John Orloff. This film is very unusual. It has brilliant music, modern decorations and beautiful costumes. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys interesting films. After the cinema we went to the cafe. We were speaking about the film and telling each other our opinion. Then I went home. It is the best time for me when all my family is at home. I always share all my joys and sorrows with them. We make our family plans for the future and solve different problems together. At the end of the day I wished Good Night to everybody and thanked God that everybody is alive and healthy.


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