Lidia, 11, Odessa

My name is Lida. I am eleven years old. I am from Odessa, Ukraine. To my mind I live in the most beautiful city in Ukraine. I study at the best school in Odessa, “Gymnasium 2”. I study at the 5-B form.

Today, as usual, my day started at 7 o’clock in the morning. I like to be woken up by the sun rays shining into my window. But today, when I woke up it was still dark. It is winter now and the sun rises late. When I woke up I made my bed and did some exercises, then I went to the bathroom. After that I put on my school uniform and had breakfast. I usually have a tasty breakfast. I took my school bag and went to school by car. While going to school I looked into the window and thought how much I love my wonderful city. It is the real pearl of the Black sea. Well, for you to understand me better, I will tell you some words about Odessa. Odessa is a port city. There are a lot of monuments in my city. But the most beautiful of them is the Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Besides this theatre there are a lot of other nice theaters in Odessa.

When I came to school I was glad to meet classmates and teachers. Our principal loves our school very much and tries to make it look better and better. At our school I study different subjects. At our lessons we act, sing, draw, count, write reports, learn poems, read and retell stories, do sports and learn different languages. My favourite subjects are Science and English, because I want to be a doctor and save people’s lives.

After lessons I went home along the beautiful park. I enjoyed the beauty of nature, watched the children playing with their toys and thought how much I love my city and people living in it. They are great optimists. They believe in a better future. When I came home I relaxed in the swimming pool. It is very pleasant to stay there on a grey gloomy day. After my rest I did my homework. Then I put on my nice evening dress. My family and I went to the famous theatre in Odessa. As you have already guessed it was the Theatre of Opera and Ballet. It is one of the most splendid theaters in Europe. In the evening we went for a walk along the central street of my city. It looked wonderful decorated with colourful lights. New Year is coming. It brings with itself new hopes and dreams. And I want to wish all the best to the citizens of my amazing country and to the people living in my wonderful city.


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