Elina Golovko, 11, Odessa

Hello. My name is Elina and I’m eleven years old. To my mind I live in the most beautiful city in Ukraine-Odessa. Some people call it the pearl of the sea. And now I would like to tell you about my usual working day. As a rule it begins early in the morning. I always get up at half past six a.m. I make my bed and go to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and take a cold shower. Then I put on my sport suit and take my dog for a walk. When I leave my house I hear the birds singing. It’s majestic! When I go along the street I see the blue sky if the weather is fine and enjoy the beauty of nature and then with good impressions I come back come. I feed my dog and go to my room. I put on my school uniform and go to the kitchen. My mother always cooks me tasty breakfast. Then my father and I go to school by our car. My route to school is the same every day. Sometimes I don’t have time to look out of the car window, sometimes I watch the people hurring to their work and wonder what their life and interests are. They live in the same city I do. And they love it as much as I do.  I am at school at half past eight. I meet my friends, teachers and our principal who meets and greets all the pupils! I usually have six lessons at school. My favourite lessons are English, German and History. All the teachers at our school are good. They’re strict but fair. Our lessons are over at two p.m. I don’t want to leave school! I go home on foot. I love walking. On my way home I can see the Opera and Ballet house. It is very beautiful! A lot of trees, flowers and bushes grow around it. I think this is the place where music lives! Not far from it are the Potemkin steps and the port of Odessa. My city’s very beautiful! At three p.m. I am already home. I have dinner and do my homework. It takes me two hours to do my homework. After this I go to the theatre and music school. I come home in the evening.The day is over. I haven’t done everything I planned. But tomorrow will be another day. It will bring with itself new tasks, new hopes. New dreams. New impressions. Maybe  it will be even better that the day which has already passed. It will be one more day in my life and in the life of my beloved city and my beautiful country.



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