Catherine K., Odessa

One day in the life of Ukraine

The morning gently sneaks up to the country, slightly opening a cover of sunrise. The first rays are roaming around the picturesque land, lighting up the huge territory of Central-Eastern Europe. Sunlit hills and plains are breathing in clean cold air through the mighty lungs of the ground. My native land is waking up. I feel that Ukraine is alive.

I wake up, too. It’s seven o’clock already, and my head is full of usual ideas, connected with routine of my life; the fussing host of thoughts makes me do usual things, such as quick dressing up, snatching my bag and running to the bus stop, with a weak hope not to be late to school. I’m a pupil of 11th form, and of course school takes an important place in my reality; very soon I’ll have to make a significant decision, which will define my further destiny. But now I’m still enjoying a carefree state, the ability to study in a wonderful gymnasium in one of the biggest and most beautiful Ukrainian cities. As a rule I have seven lessons each day, then I do my homework or visit some courses, but all this is just tinsel, shading the real, unique life.

The day goes on. It’s December, but the weather is still presenting people with warm memory of autumn; crossing pensive streets, I watch little birds, bathing in a mirror-like pool, in which light-blue sky is reflected; bare trees, not long ago covered with gold and red copper; happy faces of children, collecting the last colorful leaves, and understand that we all are just little pieces of something great, some kind of huge organism, which is called Ukraine. I want to take part in its amazing life, with all its achievements and disappointments, sorrows and joys; I dream to become a part of its history. Smiling to the sky, I feel a sunbeam on my face; this beam, soft and warm, has crossed all the country, from northern woods to the Black sea. Dissolving in the sunlight, my heart sees the delightful landscape, touched with early winter breath – beautiful, unforgettable face of Ukrainian land.

The minutes are flowing, the day is passing. What wonderful developments did it bring to us? Someone was born, someone has died, and some people have connected their lives forever. How many discoveries were made, how many dreams became true? Only time can give the answer. People hurry to their homes, animals hurry to their holes, and the sun hurries to set behind the horizon. Cities and villages, mountains and lakes, clouds and plants—all is being slowly covered with the darkness, entangled in strong threads of slumber. The great country falls asleep. The enchanting, fascinating country of Ukraine, my dearest native land.


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