Tatiana S., teacher, Mykolaiv

An ordinary day… The one like many others
That come and pass by people day by day.
It’s raining outside, the sky is full of clouds,
I’d rather stay at home than go out on a rainy day.

I have to go… A way to work… As usual…
A line of people waiting for the bus,
A thirty-minute ride to work, illusion
That something can be different but not at once.

But why not take another way today?
Just change the route and see what happens.
One’s always able to return to it again,
If something goes wrong; it’s wish that really matters.

It is decided. After work I took another way to come back home,
Another path, another turn, another place to see.
It really changed the mood, the view in whole,
Despite the rain, the working day I found out where I wanna be.

I’ve understood that every thought and every wish does matter,
It is not necessary to put aside your life till special moment comes.
Make every moment special, despite the rainy weather,
Despite the circumstances; and life will change at once.


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