Elena O., teacher, Mykolaiv

It was so difficult to get up in the morning, maybe because of yesterday’s dance class or maybe because of the weather. It had been raining all day. It was so gloomy outside that I didn’t even know whether to get up in the morning or not. In the morning my father asked me if I needed to go to work and I didn’t have any desire to answer him and just said: ‘a kind of…’. I felt as if I had not been sleeping for several days. I was broken like a broken vase. But… I had nothing else to do but to go to work in the rain. So, my way to work started. I had breakfast, washed my face, got dressed, took my umbrella, put on comfortable clothes for rain, said bye to my father and left the flat. Usually I don’t like rain because it is always cold and it is so unpleasant to walk in rain when the wind is strong and it is almost impossible to hold an umbrella just straight above you. But at the end the day turned to be very calm without any unusual things and only the rain was trying to knock the windows and asking us to let it in where it is warm and people were smiling and talking about it. The thing that I realized that day was that it was necessary to look at the situation in a positive way no matter how difficult it is to knock and understand others who do not want to let you in their lives and hearts.

I see the sky. It is crying.

Grey and tired it seems to be.

The day is dying.

But…wait…is it late?

No, it is ok. Let it be.

I will tell you a secret.

Enjoy whatever the weather is.

For you will never know

What the best day is.

What for?

The best for being yourself.


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