Tetyana Hrynkevych, English teacher, Sambir


A Day in the Life of Ukraine

It is not a usual day-I’ve been preparing for it for a week at least-not to forget to tell students, teachers, send messages to friends on Facebook, not to forget to remember about it on this special day…. I do believe people feel the same. I like this feeling of being closer, together and keeping like one big family. The day before I tried to tell my students why to participate and tried to pass them my happiness and love. And I am grateful to them for their desire to join me. We did that all together-my 6th formers and me. I understand their letters or messages are not perfect, but we all did that together-like one big family. Now I know how people should unite – doing something together, following such great ideas!

I am an English teacher and my day started as it usually starts – breakfast in the morning, saying some words about the plans to my husband and mostly listened to his, smell of my favourite morning coffee, watching through the kitchen window- checking the weather and wondering whether it snowed last night or not.

While I was walking to school I felt different-it was Tuesday, the 13th of December – t-h-i-r-t-e-e-n-t-h! The meaning was different! Everything was new – how I will start the day? What if pupils forgot? What if they don’t agree?

The greetings, the first words, understanding and some questions – and silence- we all started to write about this day – silently, together, in unison!

I want to do such things in future – they teach more than a simple lesson- even if I know that my students don’t have the Internet access at home, even if I am sure it will be my duty to type their letters, but I know that one day they will do that themselves, because they will remember this day – December, 13!

I know that I’ll have a good day ahead, I know that the whole week will be good – I got a positive energy at the beginning and despite anything I will finish it positively. Thank you me dear friends for this day, thank you for this unforgettable feeling of togetherness, sympathy and unity! We are all doing much more than our leaders – we are uniting the country – West or East, North or South – who cares where my friends live – we have one beautiful country, we are writing about it and we wish it prosperity, happiness and friendly people who care for its future!

Merry Christmas dear friends! Happy New Year! New Life in 2012! And let there be one more December 13, and we all sit and start our message with the words “A Day in the Life of Ukraine” – my Ukraine and your Ukraine, our dear Ukraine!



  1. Great letter and format. You teachers are always caring and compassionate and concerned……..great models for the youth. BUT……..was there any humor in your class this day….any little story ………..or was there something that spoke about faith and culture ……folklore and zabohony………in a unique way that 13th day of Dec. I am always interesrted in the small things that make the world a better place!……and more interesting place to live in !!!!!!
    Romko z Kanadskoyi diaspory!!!

  2. Wonderful. Yes,Tetyana Romanivna, it’s an inspiring and positive writing! You are as usual shining with love and happiness!

    p.s. I miss the big family! xoxo 🙂

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