Yulia Nayavko, 15, Novyi Rozdil

The beginning of new life

At the beginning of the 13th December I thought: “It seems to be a simple day as always. Nothing interesting will happen, but I know that everything has a hidden secret. Maybe, my life will change from this time? I can’t know.” I woke up, had breakfast and went to school.

The day promised to be the same as usual. The school started as always. I met my classmates and we discussed the last evening. The matter is that it was the eve of St. Andrew’s Day. In Ukraine young people predict their future on that day. We shared the results of our predictions before the lessons.

During the break, our teacher of English Nataliya Oleksandrivna came in. She invited us to her classroom. She told us that she had a surprise for us. When we entered her classroom we were shocked – the classroom was equipped with computers! We couldn’t believe our eyes. We have been waiting for this event since September. What is more, different educational programs are installed there. Now we can study different subjects using the computers. As we were screaming with joy, our teacher tried to calm us down. She told us that she had some more important information for us. In the morning she got the information from a school from Kent, Great Britain, to become their partner school. It means that, having a computer-equipped classroom, we have got an opportunity to develop friendship with young people from around the world. Moreover, we can study together and share our experiences, participate in different projects. We can share our national traditions and culture with young people from different countries, in order to become global citizens.

I was thinking about these great opportunities the whole day. So, the 13th of December 2011 has become a starting point in the international partnership in our school. Many thanks to the people who make our life interesting.


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