Yana Shyika, 13, Novyi Rozdil

It is the 13th of December today. All of us know that it is St. Andrew’s day in Ukraine. We have an interesting tradition on that day: girls do some fortunetelling. And it is said if you do some they will come true.

Well, I asked my mum to let me call my friends and let them stay for that night. My mother agreed, but she asked me to be very careful. I promised to behave well and to be quiet. So we gathered together.

But at midnight an amazing thing happened, and now I will tell you about it.

So, we prepared all we needed for doing our fortunetelling, but, it is important to say, that nobody believed that something would happen. We wrote the names of the boys we liked, put the pieces of papers with those names into a hat, and then chose some without looking. After that we lit some candles and tried to see somebody in the mirror. Some of the girls said that they saw the boys they wanted to be their boyfriends, but I didn’t. And when the clock struck 12, we heard somebody knocked at the door. We were frightened but interested in who was there. So, as there were a lot of us who agreed to look out of the door, we decided to do that. When we opened the door there was a big chair in the middle of the passage. And suddenly … a loud cry sounded. Some boys, our classmates, were there, behind the chair.  They played a trick on us! And we forgot that it is one more tradition of St. Andrew’s Day.

Well, I don’t think that my mother will allow me to do some fortunetelling next year because of the noise we made, but I am sure that we’ll never forget this incident. It was funny!


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