Volodymyr Ivasiuk, 13, Novyi Rozdil

A day in the life of Ukraine

I woke up early and I knew what I’d do that day. I thought that this day would be special. Then I went to school. The lessons were very easy, which was slightly strange. The weather was beautiful, but cold because it was winter. When I came home all was ordinary, but thought that this day must be special didn’t leave me the whole day. Everything was great. I didn’t know why, but this day was special like a fairytale. When I went to bed I lay down and thought: “What was special today?”, “Why everything was strange?” I couldn’t understand that for a long time. But I knew that everything was ordinary.

Special was me, my fantasy. All day I thought about wonders. I went away from reality and went into the fairytale.

That day I understood: dreaming isn’t bad, bad is when people haven’t dreams.


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