Sergey Tkachev, Kyiv

Just another day, the 13th of December.

I woke up with 4 minutes left to the beginning of lessons. I overslept. It took me a few minutes to be ready, but I didn’t take a cup of tea, and didn’t read the news (things which I usually do). I went to the university. It was rainy. To accordance with the calendar it is December now, but the weather looks like November or October. Usually the road from home to the university takes me 10 minutes, but today it took me more than 15. When I came in to the class I understood that this morning was hard not only for me. In the class where 2 men: lecturer and 1 student. It was the most boring pair in my life. I was dreaming just for 1 thing – sleep. Until the next pair I have 2 hours. In 10 minutes I was at home lying in the bed, and fell asleep. This is the great thing which happened to me that day. 12 p.m. I went to university, again. 2 hours later I’m in the canteen. 30 minutes later, played ping-pong with my roommate, one more thing which I loved. It was only 5 p.m. but it was dark outdoors. For the next few hours I was preparing my homework, which was interrupted a few times for break for a cup of tea. 9 p.m. About a 1 hour I played the guitar. One more hour for reading news and different articles on the Internet. 12:05 a.m. 14th of December. I went to sleep. It was my usual day, the 13th of December.


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