Andrey Zorenko, 18, Kyiv

My day on the 13th of December began as usual with the ring of the alarm-clock. It was early morning, the sky was dark, so I thought it was still night. But-no- it was just the time to get up. The cat was sleeping on my bed, of course he shouldn’t get up, but, as a real friend, he did. I went to the bathroom, then to the kitchen to cook breakfast. Today it was mashed potatoes with eggs and sausages. In the morning I usually watch TV and that one wasn’t exceptional. While my food became cool I ironed my clothes, had breakfast and dressed. And when I was just going to leave the house I heard my parents’ voices— they made me wear the other warmer jacket. Parents… sometimes they are like big trouble for us, but they love us and take care of us, and that’s good.

During the way to the University it was nothing interesting. I notice the way to the University very seldom, I always listen to music. And this morning I was doing the same. “System of a Down” and Billy Idol in my walkman… Unknown people around, thinking about their troubles and plans… nothing new, nothing amazing-usual, not grey but not bright…

When I came to the auditorium it was just the time to start the lesson. On Tuesday we have three pairs of Strength of Materials and I can’t say it’s my favorite. So it was an ordinary school day where I tried to understand the material of the subject, to pass the laboratory work, and so on, so on… In the middle of the day we had a long break where we could have a snack and talk and discuss our news. One of my friend said that it was Saint Andrew’s Day that day. I’m not sure if I knew about it before, but in any case, I’d forgotten about it. Til the end of the day some more people reminded me about it, nothing special, but it was pleasant to remember about.

After the break we had lessons again and after then I had a little walk with my friends and then went home. The way home was the same as it was in the morning: music, silly advertisements and people… One thing that will always surprise me in the subway is the great amount of people there at every minute of the day!

Soon I was at home, had dinner (it was difficult for me to choose, so I cast lots and ate soup :), and started to prepare my lessons for the next day. During the breaks I was learning to play the bass-guitar, watching some films, “How I met your mother”, “Futurama”, “Family guy”. They are funny, sometimes foolish, and they allow me to have a little rest on a working day.

Late evening… It will be a new day tomorrow, I don’t know if it will be better than this one, but I hope it won’t be worse.



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