Oksana Ryskalenko, 15, Olexandriya

Good day everyone!

My name is Oksana and I’m glad to tell you about this wonderful day – Tuesday  13.12.11. The day began fine and unusual: my alarm clock, that has bothered me already, woke me up with lively music about 6 o’clock in the morning. As I live in a hostel, I always need to rise quickly to borrow a turn at a washstand. I study in a gymnasium boarding school and I go home to my mum only on days off. Our hostel is situated not far from the gymnasium. It takes us 10 minutes to go there. So at 7.15 our teachers that care for us after classes conducted us to school. The way to school is very interesting because everybody wants to come first, change their shoes and quickly go to canteen. That day (13/12/11), I came among the first. At 8.00 the bell called all for the lesson. It was Ukrainian. Later we had 5 more lessons. After that every pupil went home except me and my friend Kate. Besides the gymnasium we study at art school. So on Tuesday after lessons we had to be there. History of Art was the topic of that day’s lesson. We listened to the teacher which spoke about painters of XX century. Their works are great!

When the lesson was over the evening came. We went to the hostel and had a tasty supper, watched cartoons on TV and spoke with our other friends. At midnight we went to bed. Of course, I miss my mum but we all think that I will get good knowledge here. So the 13th of December gave me more knowledge, more experience. That was a good day!


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