Polly Petrishina, Kherson

My December 13 was starting when I got up at morning in a good mood. I have a tradition to ask my friend every night about my next day, he said that my day will be so good. That’s why in the morning I have got a good mood. I was convinced that this day would be incredible. I with great efforts woke up and got out of bed. When I was going the corridor I was feeling horrible fatigue. I was ready for everything in order to get some sleep. Then I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I felt fresh. I wore my casual wear and then I and my friend Julia went to the dining room and all time I felt sleepiness. Then I and my friend Julia went to our lyceum, and we just talked. The weather was depressing, cold and rainy. We felt melancholy and sleepiness. When the first lesson began, it was Ukrainian literature, we went to classroom. We were writing thesis about works famous Ukrainian writer I. Kotlyarevsky. I felt awful boredom and fear. On the second lesson I and my friend Julia made a theatrical staging of Natalka Poltavka, and for this reason we had good marks and mood. It was very interesting, and special. On the second pair of lessons, it was algebra. I was feeling at first very happy, then very upset because my friend had a bad test mark. Then we had a break one hour. I ate something in dining room, had a rest and then I and Julia went to lyceum. I had a test on fifth lesson. The lesson was boring. Then I had physics, and we again wrote a test. I strained my brain and I wrote the test very well. I had a wonderful mood, despite the fact that the weather was awful. Then I did my homework, and I corresponded with my friends on Facebook. Then my and Julia’s friend Nastia came to our room in the dorm and we laughed and joked. I love Nastia because she always brings laughter with her. I was satisfied with what I did that day.


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