Lerka_L, 14, Kherson

6.30 am. My alarm clock rang. It`s very difficult to get up so early every morning, but I need enough time to get to my Lyceum. I live in the suburb. I had breakfast, got dressed and called my friend. We always go together in the mornings. At about 7.50 am we stood at the bus stop. Honestly, I don`t like buses because there are many people who get outraged and push. Although, it happens only during rush hour. I think people are happy when they think so.

My first pair was Ukrainian Literature. I got 12 points when I told an excerpt from the Aeneid by Kotlyarevsky. In the second pair I got 10 points because I was very active at the lesson. It was Algebra. At 12.00 am we go in the canteen to eat. It is the biggest break which lasts about an hour. After spending the last pairs I went home. After eating and cleaning the kitchen, I went to do my homework. I am in 9th grade, so it is a lot of exercises and paragraphs every day.

About so I spend each my day (except Sundays). In reality, it`s all much more fun than I wrote, because all around me there are people who don`t let me get depressed or bored.


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