Kathy G., 15, Kherson

A day in the life of Ukraine

My life in Ukraine is usually very ordinary, but this day I’ll remember for a long time.

Everything started from the little mistake that I had done.  I was gluing wallpaper on the wall. I thought that I had done my part perfectly so I went outside to play.

When I came home I heard a strange sound that came from the kitchen. When I came in I saw that the wallpaper was on the floor “Oh my god!!” I yelled out loud.  I had to redo everything by the time my parents come home. I began to put them up together and it seemed like it worked.

Finally I finished, so I decided to wait for my parents in the kitchen watching my favorite movie.

When my parents arrived, they came to the kitchen to see how well I had done my part. They saw that everything looked fine and decided to open the windows to have some fresh air. When they opened the windows, all of the wallpaper fell down.

All that I could remember was the look on my mom’s face which was like, “Oh no, you didn’t do that!!”

This was the hardest day in my life.


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