Julia Yablunovskaya, Kherson

My Day in the Life of Ukraine

Today is Tuesday, the thirteenth of December. I am not so quick to leave my bed, and I bury my head under the pillow pretending not to hear the alarm-clock. But all the same it is time to get up and start getting ready for a day’s work. It doesn’t take me long to make my bed and to get washed. At a quarter past seven I am through with my shower and ready to have breakfast. Breakfast, as doctors say, must be the most substantial meal of the day. But I have neither time nor desire to cook it, so I just gulp down a cup of tea and some cakes. I leave the house at eight, as I live quite near my school. It takes me about ten minutes to walk there. On my way to school I meet my classmates and we go on together. I have seven lessons today. I am back home at about two p.m. As a rule, I have dinner at once for I am awfully hungry after classes. I have a three-course dinner consisting of a plate of soup, some meat course with vegetables and cup of tea. After my dinner I do my homework and I have a rest reading, watching TV and listening to music. Today my school day was especially tiresome and I have a short nap on the sofa. In the evening I take a stroll round the neighborhood with my friends and after that I am waiting for my mum. We have supper, watch TV and I go to bed. I like this day very much!


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