Julia Pulya, Kherson

My Day!

It was not a special day. I woke up at 7:00 oclock. I had a bad mood, but when I went to the lyceum I noticed that the weather was cloudy and rainy. The smell of wet and fresh soil filled the air. The sounds I heard were the exclamations of children and noise of dogs.

In the first lesson I got two excellent marks. Unfortunately, I felt miserable when one of my friends showed off an awful side of her character and my mood became bad again.

The second part of day was perfect. I was helping others with their homework and they were thankful to me. I felt pleased because I was of use to others.

Then my best friends Polya and Nastya came to me. I was glad to see them because I love them. We were laughing all evening.

I have never had such an enjoyable time in my day.


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