Anna Z., 16, Kherson

December 13
I got up at 7 o`clock in the
Washed my face and keep
To do morning exercise to brush
my teeth,
I look at the window and saw
the white trees,
It was covered with white
And suddenly, I thought about
fresh toast.

I looked at the watch,
It was half past eight
It`s time!
I didn`t want to be late!
I live in the hostel and
eat in canteen,
About meal there knows
every teen.
I got a tasty breakfast and
took my bag,
It was time to work for
my head.
The lessons were finished
very quickly,
I got new knowledge easily.

The weather was bad all
There was no sun and everything
was gray,
I didn`t want to stay
But my friends opened for me
another side.
We had a marvelous time
Because we do everything
with pleasure.

We had a lot of fun and
But I had to do my homework
Then I felt tired and went
to sleep,
I sank in my mind deep…
Today was an interesting
One day in the life of


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