Alina Gavrushenko, Kherson

Every day the sun is up and every day gives us a new day, which opens for every person a new chance to spend this new day in a new fashion. So, I’ve opened my eyes in this morning and my day has started. After usual morning hurry and breakfast with tea and piece of chocolate, I’ve turned on my player for “Nirvana” and left my home for school. I’ve come to the school almost in time. Anyway, this morning has started as other days. After the lessons I’ve come to the after-lessons classes on history. Exactly then the rain started. It was horrible news, because I’ve neither umbrella nor a cap. So, then after the classes have finished and it’s come time to go to the university courses, my adventures has just started. By the time I’ve got to the bus-stop, I’ve gotten wet through. Anyway, I’ve come to the university very late, besides I was very, very dripping. But finally all my classes have finished and I’ve gone home. On the way home I’ve seen my friend. It was very pleasant to meet him. Finally, I’ve come home. And again listened to “Nirvana” and “The Kooks”. This day has been very hard, so I’ve set myself free from homework. I think it was very kind from my part. This way I’ve spent 13 December of my life.


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