Ruslana Tsehelska, Kryvyi Rih

“A day in the life of Ukraine”

The purpose of this report is to tell you about a typical Ukrainian day. Indisputably it doesn’t differ so much from an American or Russian day, but there are some differences that make us, Ukrainians, special. So let’s start.

Firstly, about morning. In Ukraine adults usually work on very hard jobs and it is a must to get up early, early in the morning. Students normally get up from 7 to 8, because school begins at 8:30. Right from this time, the day begins. Then we make breakfast and have a cup of coffee. Usually people read a newspaper or modern magazine while they are having breakfast. It isn’t necessary to take a shower or do some exercises in the morning, but for healthy life many Ukrainians do it. Then they brush their teeth, comb hair, women do their make-up, get dressed and they are ready for a hard working day.

And now in a nutshell about work and school time. People work as well as possible and children do their best at school. Furthermore every student has is own out-of- class activities, it’s like a hobby (drawing, singing, dancing and so on). When children get home they must do their homework and it takes several hours to do this. This time their parents likewise don’t waste their time, they can go to the theatre or dance classes, but most of them prefer just to chill out on the sofa and watch TV. On TV they usually watch the news or soup operas. If the family has a pet, it is more difficult, because it is necessary to take a walk with it. After they have dinner, put on their pyjamas, lock the door, turn off the lights, set the alarm, go to bed and ready for a new working day!

Consequently to this article I want to add that I’m a typical Ukrainian, too, and I have almost the same schedule. My out-of-class activities are dancing and learning languages. I also like surfing the internet and spending time with my friends. I like my style of life and it’s awesome:)


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