Liuba Moroz, Kryvyi Rih

I walked down the street and met people. They were very different. Someone was busy, another smiled and somebody was upset. And I was promoted the idea how they conduct their day.

I have been thinking about it the whole day. I have understood that the day of ordinary Ukrainians consists of those parts: working, free time and family.

Words pay no debts.

So people have to work. Every day in the morning they go to their work places. There are different jobs in Ukraine. For example in my city the most popular professions are mine-workers, builders, doctors and teachers.

Generally people stay there until five or six o’clock.

After they stop working, they have free time. There is a common trend to be healthy in Ukraine. As a result of this you can meet a person who has jogging in the park in the morning or in the evening. Furthermore there are many gyms, where people can do different exercises for their health.

In addition another part of the people prefer creative activities. “Hand made” is very popular at present. Every month in different cities there are exhibitions where you can show things which were made by hand.

And the biggest part in life: Ukrainians try to spend much time with their family members. As I know in the evening all family comes together and has dinner. They are chatting about events that occurred during the day and discussing plans for the next day.

To sum up, every day in the life of Ukraine consists of the same parts, but each day is interesting because it is unpredictable and original.


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