Elik K, 17, Kryvyi Rih

Hello, dear stranger,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Elvira, Elya for short. I’m at the age of 17. I will tell you about my day in the life of Ukraine.

Today is Tuesday, the thirteenth of December.  It is a normal day in Ukraine. The weather is fine. As for the winter, it’s a little bit warm. But we enjoy it very much.

People rush in the morning to school, to work, to institutions.  I see a group of teenagers searching  for Christmas presents. And a puppy playing with an empty bottle in the street. It makes me very jolly.

On my way from school I have seen people in public places who have begun to decorate the Christmas decorations of the building. Because there will be the New Year soon.  Today we have decorated our classroom and a hall. It is going to be very beautiful.  As you may know Ukraine also celebrates St. Nicholas Day on the nineteenth of December. Children are waiting for this holiday. This day children get gifts and sweets from parents. But the kids think that they are brought the gift from St. Nicholas. As for me, I am waiting for a new dress for my Graduation Party and fancy shoes (of course it will be a present from my family, not from St. Nicholas).

As you see it is a rather busy day in my life as well as in the life of my country.


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