Nikita Yazov, 11, Sevastopol

A day in the life of Ukraine 13.12.11

December 13th was a normal day for me. I overslept for school so dressed quickly. And I almost forgot to take my younger sister to school with me. She studies at my school.

I got good marks that day. When I got home, I changed, and sat down at the computer, as almost all children in the 21st century do. When my mom came home she looked at me and said that after the school year I’m going to Spain. I was very happy. But then my mother added that I should finish the year without a single mark lower than nine. I was not always good at studies, but I’m always told that I have a golden head. So I set a goal to finish the school year well. I do not live in a wealthy family and I have never been abroad. I want to become a successful and famous person but I know that in science, I could not succeed. In spots, I can achieve a lot but I do not want to. But I love to sing. Abroad, there are a lot of music venues, so I could get some experience.

I think I have  to fly to Spain. I’ll do my best to finish the school year with the best results possible to go to Spain. I hope you understand that December the 13 is the day I’ll remember for a long time.


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